Bora Bora Cologne For Men By Liz Claiborne

Bora Bora cologne for men at a discount price. FREE Shipping and Insurance with every order! No Hidden Charges. No Minimum Orders. Created in 2002 by Liz Claiborne, Bora Bora cologne for men is a crisp scented cologne with top notes of citron, bergamot, lemon and lime followed by a strong mid note of lavender. Base notes of cedar and leather give Bora Bora cologne a masculine finish.
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Liz Claiborne
Bora Bora 3.4 oz Cologne Spray
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Bora Bora Cologne levels

Bora Bora Cologne is made of natural or synthetic fragrant oil extracts diluted in water or high-grade alcohol. The dilutions of these oil extracts determine the strength of the Bora Bora Cologne which, in turn, exacts the lasting power of the scent. Eau de Toilette and Eau de Cologne are generally interchangeable, particularly in Men's fragrances. After Shave has the least amount of oil extract. The different perfume strengths are as follows:
Eau de Cologne - least concentrated with fragrance lasting up to 1 hour
Eau de Toilette - concentrated with fragrance lasting up to 2 hours
Eau de Parfum - concentrated with fragrance lasting up to 3-4 hours
Cologne or Parfum Classic - highly concentrated with fragrance lasting up to 5-6 hours

Bora Bora Cologne notes

Bora Bora Cologne is comprised of many different scents. These scents are called fragrance notes.
Top notes are very light and last but a few minutes (5-10 minutes).
Middle notes become apparent in about 15 minutes after application. They can last up to an hour or more.
Bottom or base notes last the longest, usually for several hours.

Some Bora Bora Colognes last much longer than others

People with dry skin usually find their Bora Bora Cologne holding time shorter than those with oily skin because oily skin has more natural moisture to hold in the fragrance. PH levels (amount of acidity in our skin) also vary slightly from person to person. Our individual levels of PH will determine how each ingredient in Bora Bora will react.

Making Bora Bora Cologne last longer

A perfume will last longer on some people than on others because of differences in skin (oily or dry) and PH levels. To achieve a longer effect, try layering your Bora Bora. Using the Bora Bora bath gel, moisturizer, or powder before applying the actual fragrance will usually have a longer lasting effect. Apply the perfume low on your body allowing the scent to rise. Also, apply it behind your ears and neck. A light spray on your hair can last all day.

Differences between a Bora Bora Cologne Splash and a Spray

There is absolutely no difference in the perfume. The difference is only in the application. A Spray bottle, being ostensibly sealed all the time, may actually have a longer shelf life. Making the decision between Bora Bora Spray and Splash is entirely a matter of personal preference.

Bora Bora Cologne Testers

Bora Bora Cologne Testers are created to help promote the fragrance. Although the majority of our products are NOT Testers, the Testers we do carry are clearly marked as such in the Available Selections column of every product page. Testers are provided to large retail stores to allow their customers to “test” the actual Bora Bora Cologne before buying it. It is the same Bora Bora Cologne that one finds in full size Bora Bora bottles. Testers may come in a variety sizes and forms of packaging. Some are offered in simple generic plain white or brown boxes with or without a cap. Some bottles may have “Tester” or “Demonstration” written on the bottle. Some are even without boxes, while others may come ornately wrapped. Regardless of packaging, the quality of the perfume is not affected. The contents of testers are the same as in the standard full priced packaged item. One can enjoy their favorite Bora Bora Cologne at the lowest prices. We sell only new and unused testers free from damage and defect.

Bora Bora Cologne usually contains alcohol

Alcohol makes the Bora Bora Cologne emanate from your skin. Without alcohol, you would be the only person who knew you were wearing any perfume at all.

Keeping Bora Bora Cologne from going bad

Keep Bora Bora Cologne in a cool, dry area away from windows, as sunlight and heat can unbalance Bora Bora ingredients. Any opened Bora Bora bottle should be kept in its box to ensure a longer life.

The difference between Cologne and After Shave

The fragrance of Cologne will generally last much longer than that of After Shave. However, many men choose to wear both. One can use less of each, the overall scent will last longer and still have the facial benefit of after shave.

Differences between After Shave Lotion, Gel, and Balm

After Shave Lotion will usually sting while helping to close the pores after shaving.
After Shave Balm soothes the skin.
After Shave Gel soothes and cools the skin while relieving razor burn.